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What's Next?

If you're anything like me, lately i've been feeling overwhelmed by "what's next?" I literally feel the weight of the heaviness in my spirit. In these moments of transition, I want to encourage you to remember these three concepts:

1. You are Valuable in Every Season

I am so grateful that my worth isn't altered by what I go through. The "best version" of yourself may look different from season to season. I want to encourage you to give yourself grace. You're still standing and that counts for something.

2. Navigate Your Purpose

What keeps you grounded? What wakes you up in the morning? What influences you to push through adversity? These are the questions that you must ask yourself when you are standing at a fork in the road. I remember at clinicals in nursing school, one of the facility coordinators would always fidget with beads in her hand while she presented to the group. One day I asked why? She told me that is was her reminder to "return to center" in all things. Regardless of fear of the unknown, your center will never betray you. Trust that intuition.

3. Do it Afraid

I'm reminded daily that we have one life to live. Think about how many times you missed the opportunity to do something because you were scared? Put ya big girl panties on girl. The "perfect" time is a myth. Sometimes you have to just take the leap. I'll be honest. I've been praying for certain things from God and I haven't done my part. You can't have faith without working...without moving and growing. Often times we're waiting on God, meanwhile God is waiting on us. In the words of Martin "get ta stepppinnnn."

So yea. Being in transition is scary and uncomfortable, but at the end of your comfort zone is growth. That anxiety isn't greater than you. The seed is there. Water it.

love and light,

Crooked Magnolia

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