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Endure the Weeping

I’ve cried every day for almost two weeks. I’ve watched my best friend cry and I wept deeper knowing that you can truly never prepare for the death of a loved one. Through this season, I’ve realized that my faith is my constant. It’s through God that I settle safely in peace regardless of the storm that’s presented. As crazy as it may sound, I’ve learned that life and death is a bittersweet duality. As you grieve, you mourn those you love, you cherish the memories made, you weep again, and you feel everything more deeply. On the other side of grief , is joy. Joy knowing that your loved one truly is in a better place than we will ever be here on earth. Joy knowing that we were never promised eternal life, but we have an opportunity to live the life we’ve been given well on this borrowed time. Joy by giving flowers and loving a little harder on those that are still here. Joy knowing that God loved you enough to bless you with indescribable family relations, friendships, and connections. Trust me, I know it’s hard losing someone unexpectedly. I’ve experienced this more times that I’d like to admit, but I've learned that the sun still shines. I won’t lie to you and say it will get easier, but you learn to live with it…and I mean truly live… for you and for them. Years later, a song, scent, location, or even food can trigger a whirlwind of grieving thoughts. I want to encourage you to welcome them with grace every time (crying is kinda therapeutic and shows that your human, g). There’s power in vulnerability. There’s beauty in remembering what was once physical now in spirit. Life is so interesting isn’t it? I pray from the depth of my heart that you embrace healing in the depth of yours. Healing sometimes hurts, but peeling back the layers of anger, regret, denial, and even resentment is essential to getting your sanity back. Thank God for ascending his chosen angels so we may meet again and here's to taking it day by day and moment by moment with love, patience, and grace.

Love and light,

Crooked Magnolia

Thank you for being here. August is a month that I've lost three loved ones. May they forever live in my heart as I miss them every single day.

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