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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Through conscious and subconscious, the mind is the root of life's tree. Mental health, though undermined, is the sole proprietor in determining the reality of your daily functioning. Your thoughts are seeds that you plant. Be a nurturing vessel to your garden. #mindbodyspirit

The ruler of all outcomes manifested, the mind, much like the muscles that make up our physique, must be exercised daily. It is this vessel that allows us to comprehend daily the phenomena were exposed to. It is knowing and inner standing first that one must conquer our thoughts and appreciate the mind for what It is. Often times, we may chastise ourselves to be more motivational, to go harder in the gym, to "sleep when I'm dead," to become a better teacher, to practice this diet and so forth, without knowing that before we can be, we must allow the mind to be nourished in order to prosper.

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